• Europan 13 open international competition, Jyväskylä, 2nd place
  • 2015
  • Ranking 2nd place
  • Concept name “New Kids on the Blocks”
  • Scope floor area 22 000 m2
  • Location Kortepohja, Jyväskylä

Starting point

The competition aimed to renew the centre of Kortepohja by urban infill and by replacing the extensive parking lots with a lively and diverse urbanity.


The urban structure in the centre of Kortepohja is based on Bengt Lundsten’s winning architectural competition entry from 1966. Kortepohja has culture-historical significance and part of it is listed as DOCOMOMO area of built heritage. 


The new urban structure proposed by us honours the principles of the Lundsten plan: a casual openness and flow through the space. The buildings are laid out along the existing rectangular grid, and the green areas flow freely between them, connecting the greenery of Kypärämäki and Tuomijärvi via the competition area.

The massive student housing complex will be replaced with medium-sized, more flexible buildings. As you move towards the centre of the new student village, the buildings decrease in height and at the same time the social intensity rises. 

For the apartments, we proposed spatial solutions with built-in flexibility.  

A pleasant central square surrounded by the area’s new central buildings replaces the parking lots.