• Apartment building in Oulu
  • 2017 to 2021
  • Scope floor area 8 940 m2 / gross area 11 630 m2
  • Location Vanhatulli / city centre, Oulu
  • Customer Lehto Asunnot Oy
  • Housing company As Oy Oulun Marskinpuisto

Starting point

Residential block Marskinpuisto is built on the site of a 1970s office building. The new building will bring more residents to the city centre and add commercial space on the pedestrian street. Higher than its neighbours, the building serves as the prominent southern end to the pedestrian street Rotuaari. The city’s detailed plan was the work of Arkkitehtitoimisto Järvinen & Kuorelahti Oy.


The building is centrally located at the heart of Oulu, where the pedestrian zone, the main thoroughfare and Mannerheim park intersect.


A 12-storey tower rests on a 6-storey pedestal, similar in height to adjacent buildings. A rooftop courtyard is located on top of the pedestal. On the courtyard side, the terraces of the apartments open up towards a lush rooftop courtyard.  The building mass emphasises the divergent shapes of the pedestal and the tower.


On the street side, the building is clad with a lively, vertical balcony facade, which curves around the street corner.

The clear lines of the apartment floor plans offer plenty of natural light.  


The windows offer views of the adjacent park, and to the Oulujoki River delta and the sea from the upper floors. 

*photos Ville-Pekka Ikola