• Idea competition plan
  • 2023
  • Ranking Purchase prize
  • Concept name “Kyläunelmia” (Village Dreams)
  • Scope ca. 3,1 ha
  • Location Lapinjärvi, Finland
  • Client Municipality of Lapinjärvi

Starting point

The aim of the competition was to add to the vitality and appeal of the area, especially as a place of residence. The church village was to further reflect its beautiful location by the lake.

Church village of Lapinjärvi

The massing and architecture were to reinforce the rural village landscape and enliven the overall appearance of the village.


Lapinjärvi is a municipality of around 2600 residents on the eastern part of the Uusimaa region, just by the Kymenlaakso region border in Southern Finland. The church village of the municipality with its ca. 850 habitants is exceptionally well preserved in its historical state, and is considered as nationally valuable built culture environment. Currently, the shore area of the Lapinjärvi lake is in cultivation use.


Our proposal attracts new residents by offering possibilities to implement different kinds of dreams of living. The cooperative nature of the detached house plots offer the chance to realise one’s dream of a own house and yard effortlessly.

The plots of the detached houses are placed so that as many as possible can fulfil their dreams of a own house with a view of the lake and close to services.

Elderly people can find forms of living where they can age safely and communally while maintaining their everyday activity.

The new school and multipurpose building forms the new cultural centre of the village with new routes connecting the existing parish hall to the new housing.