• New building, from project planning to implementation planning and a study of the characteristics of the old parish hall
  • 2018-
  • Scope ca. 300 gross m2
  • Location Yli-Ii
  • Client Oulu Evangelical Lutheran congregations

Starting point

The current parish hall, completed in the 1970s, suffers from indoor air problems and the construction of a new one is therefore necessary. The old parish facilities were considered functionally successful, but the scenic potential of the location has not been utilised.



The new parish hall was planned approximately on the place of the old one. It is located in the same churchyard as the listed church from 1932 and the heroes cemetery. The site offers beautiful views of the field, the church and the heroes cemetery.


For the new parish hall, functional influences were sought from the proven layout, but the solution is completely different in terms of aesthetics and construction technology. The new parish hall will be built from unsettling logs and the premises will offer beautiful views of the surroundings.

The parish hall serves as the parish’s multi-purpose building as a venue for clubs, meals and family gatherings. Movable walls make it possible to divide the hall space as needed.